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First Visit

At your first visit , we collect your personal information, medical history, Insurance Information and contact preferences.

Dr Sharma and her qualified team will perform a COMPREHENSIVE ORAL EXAM consisting of Periodontal exam ( Gum recession, bone loss, gingivitis), Hard tissue exam ( Teeth and TMJ ) & Soft tissue exam ( Oral Cancer screening, sleep apnea, Lymp Nodes & glands). After exam Dr Sharma will discuss Treatment & corrective options.

After the dental exam our registered Dental Hygienist will perform Dental Cleaning (Plaque and Tartar removal). You will then be given specific(general/corrective) Oral Hygiene instructions that will help you maintain your oral hygiene.

All your clinical data is recorded for future reference and progress tracking.


We accept all major Insurances such as DELTA , CIGNA , AETNA ..and many others.