Patient Resources


I am afraid of going to a Dentist !

You are not alone . Although 85 % of Americans believe that oral health is very or extremely import to overall health , only 58 % actually saw a Dentist once in the last year. Many patients avoid dentist out of fear - because of bad past experience, anxiety or discomfort. At DAE we educate our patients on the procedure, answer their questions and make sure that the patients are calm and ready before we begin the treatment.

Is Hygiene important ?

Absolutely ! Periodic hygiene appointments are not just for professional cleaning. They serve as critical checkpoints for your dental well being. pretty much like a regular 50 point checkup on your car. During the hygiene appointment, the dentist exams your mouth for hidden issues and it helps to address those when they are relatively small.

I have bad breath. Should I be concerned ?

Bad breath or Halitosis can result from poor dental habits and may be sign of other health problems. Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth may be a warning of periodontal ( gum) disease, dental caries or other more serious issues. Ask your dentist to establish the root cause and work on a plan to remedy it.

I have a few missing teeth, Will that affect my health ?

On average adults between 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth. While there may not be any apparent discomfort from tooth loss at first , over time it may effect the remaining teeth as they take on the the workload of chewing your food. With advanced in modern dentistry ,there are may options available to augment missing teeth and reset the balance for healthy and functioning mouth.

I just found out I have lot of issues with my mouth .. What do I do ?

It can happen. If you have not had regular dental checkups, you may be harboring many issues in your mouth. Your dentist will develop a treatment plan and educate you on what you need to do to prevent the issues from recurring. Many times your diet is the key to your dental health. Work with your dentist to understand your treatment options and sequence the treatment in phases if necessary.. If you are not satisfied you should seek second advice.

Can I improve my smile ?

Absolutely ! Whether your concerns are due your general dental anatomy or age related changes to your teeth / gums, there are many .. many options available to improve your smile. Our Dentist will evaluate your concerns and propose a personalized treatment plan for your goals.

Is Financing available ?

At DAE we offer no interest financing though Care Credit.